The Anxiety of Change

There is no denying we have all experienced change in our lives.  Sometimes devastating at other times exciting, but often change comes with anxiety.  A common reaction to general anxiousness is to think something is wrong or that we've made a mistake.  We may think "retreat" or don't move forward -- thinking our gut feeling or spidey senses are guiding us.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  Feelings of general anxiousness are simply an indicator that you're engaging in something untypical and out of your comfort zone.

It is precisely at this time utilizing support can help you manage change.  Whether it's a friend holding your hand, going for a run, getting help from a therapist, or even just taking a nap, addressing the anxious feelings you are experiencing is a step in the right direction. 

2020 has come with a whole host of events that could rattle a monk.  Feeling confined, isolated, deficient, helpless, hurt, scared, crowded, smuggled, manic, restless, angry, unseen, unheard, complacent , complicit, confused, overwhelmed, and just plain "off" are just some of the emotions causing many to feel anxious.  As a holistic healthcare practitioner I feel compelled to help in some way and sharing this tea is the way I know how.



Judy M., Dipl OM, MSTOM

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